TEC Nonferrous, Inc.
International Scrap Recycler
TEC have been conducting the export trades of the scrap metals and servicing the recycling industries worldwide for over 30 years.  Since the family started the steel mill business back in 1950s at Kaohsiung, Taiwan; with nearly 60 years of family tradition in servicing the metal industry globally, our experience, expertise, and stability has enabled us to continue servicing our suppliers with best prices and reliable performances. 

We can service all your export needs at our 3 China processing facilities, and can arrange shipments from all shipping points.

Items include the following:

-All Cu/AL/Brass Scrap(all grades)
-Insulated Wires (all grades Cu and AL)
-Electric Motors Scrap (whole and shredded)
-Power Distribution Scrap (Lamp Ballast, Whole Transformers, Transformer Cores, and Silicon Steel)
-Telecom Relay Scraps
-Shredded NF (Zorba)
-Used Copy Machines
-Computers/Electronic Scraps & Reusable Outlets
-Auto Parts Scrap & Cores

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